One Step at a Time

The demolition part of the project was a quick one, with only two walls needing to go. But the impact was great opening up the living/dining/kitchen room into one large enough room to call a great room.

The next item was to refinish the floors since interior work was all cabinetry and painting. The old double hung windows in the house were replaced with new casements. The large street side window in the living room was enlarged into a triple frame sling door.  The window in the master bedroom became a sliding door too.  The new sliding doors on the front of the house will access the front porch being added on to the house which has a pergola parallel to the house that acts as both a shading device and a screen to provide privacy from the street. The front porch was the last part to start construction. Oh and by the way we got rid of the seldom used front door, replaced it with a six foot high window and turned what was a dark front hallway into a small office with the desk occupying what was the closet. The new window in the front hall also has the effect of bringing light into the center of the house.


About studiokiss

I am an architect interested in creative ideas from divers sources. Through my professional practice, Studio Kiss, I work on commercial and residential projects. I am also the founder of ASAP•house a manufacturer of modern prefab houses.

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