Citroen to launch new DS range in China with the Numéro 9 concept

Citroen Numero 9

As a kid growing up in the ’60 & ’70’s the Citroen DS and a bit later the Citroen/Maserati were my favorite cars along with the Lamborghini Miura and the Lancia Stratos.  So when I came across this article about the Citroen to launch new DS range in China with the Numéro 9 concept I had to take a closer look.

The original DS had a masculine feel and the new design certainly carries that forward along with the fast back look and advanced styling that goes beyond the style de jour and sets its own agenda.  The original DS had many automotive firsts like headlights that turned with the front wheels (as see in the picture bellow).

The Numero 9 follow in the footsteps of the Metropolis and if Citroen retains half of what the concept car has, the production version should be a great car. All of you car buffs out there let me know what you think.


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