New Housing Type in Brooklyn

I was attending a Passive House Meet-Up in the Park Slope section of  Brooklyn’s this Sunday when I came across this residential building.  What caught my eye was how different it was from the typical Park Slope row house and the smattering of new infill that have sprung up recently.  At first glance it seemed odd and out of character with the neighborhood but after a further look I realized that it was not so alien.  The building is a reinterpretation of the typical bay window found on many of the townhouses lining the side streets.  The reason for the bay windows is to increase light and views and this building does the same thing but on a larger scale and while the bay  window is convex this one is concave.  It is nice to see that someone is thinking beyond the traditional models and building some thing new.  I actually would like to live in one of the units.

The building is located on 12th street between 7th & 6th Avenues. I would appreciate if some who knew the architect would let me know who it is so I can give them credit here.


About studiokiss

I am an architect interested in creative ideas from divers sources. Through my professional practice, Studio Kiss, I work on commercial and residential projects. I am also the founder of ASAP•house a manufacturer of modern prefab houses.

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