The tale of two generations

I love infographics so when I come across on that I like i will post it here, so this is the case with “Teenagers 1982-2012”.

Our generation had to listen to AM radio, walk to school barefoot in the snow uphill both ways and ……. sorry I am getting off topic. I have a teenager, she is 17 years old, and I am not sure how fits with her generations profile.  Although she does have a cell phone she doesn’t listen to the music listed nor does she work for minimum wage.  She does drive (should be getting her license tomorrow) and is heading to college one year early so she fits the drop-out (will not be getting a high school diploma since her school is not cooperating) and the going to college (her chosen school, St. Johns College in Annapolis Maryland doesn’t seem to care about graduating from high school) portions.

One aspect of the comparison that struck me was the diversification of the US population in the last thirty years with the portion of the white population in this cohort dropping 25%.  What aspects of this comparison interest you?

Then vs Now: How Things Have Changed from 1982 to 2012
From: Best Education Degrees


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I am an architect interested in creative ideas from divers sources. Through my professional practice, Studio Kiss, I work on commercial and residential projects. I am also the founder of ASAP•house a manufacturer of modern prefab houses.

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