You can identify poor neighborhoods from space | Grist

New York City – SOHO
This is a very expensive area but the people who live here have houses in places with lots of trees too.

You can identify poor neighborhoods from space | Grist.  I noted this effect on my trip to Baltimore and Washington DC last weekend.  Most of Washington DC has lots of trees especially on the North/West side along both sides of Connecticut Ave. while Baltimore tends to be a barren sea of brick and wood low-rise buildings on tree bereft streets.  This holds true for most areas of the country. I have added my own examples of areas I am familiar with.

Upper East Side of Manhattan, the wealthiest Zip in the country

New York City – Harlem – by contrast to the Upper East Side has less trees

New York City – South Bronx

The next four images show an other phenomenon that distinguishes rich from poor neighborhoods, that of elevation (hight above sea level).  Except when we are talking the sea-shore it tends to hold that properties on the hill tend to be worth more than in the valley.  The two examples I give here are of Riverdale & Kingsbridge in the Bronx and Yonkers along Broadway above the NYC line and Park Hill just the east of it.  Both Riverdale and Park Hill are close to 150 feet above the other neighboring examples.

New York City – The Riverdale section of the Bronx along the Hudson River.

New York City – Kingsbridge section of the Bronx

Yonkers – Park Hill

Yonkers – Broadway

Washington DC – Georgetown

Washington DC – Columbia Heights

Washington DC – Van Ness

Towson Md.

Baltimore – Wilson Heights

Baltimore – Pulaski Hyw & Patterson Park


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  1. how interesting is this? a picture sure does speak more than words.

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