This was just sitting at my corner gas station this morning

I was driving my daughter to school and as we passed the gas station she said “Wow dad, that’s one cool car” I didn’t get a good look at it and first thought she was talking about the Austin sitting next to it which reminded me of my college roommates Renault on Nantucket back in the ’70s.  On my return trip I stopped and took a close look and I was floored.  Sitting there between a Honda and the Austin was a 1953 Aston Martin DB 2 Saloon.  What a car!

This one has a racing grill and the smallest and most useless seeming windshield wipers.

A nice little detail is the tire storage compartment behind the plate.

As so well put it

Laurence Pomeroy wrote for Motor in October 1950 “It would appear that every so often the gods pass over some works or another and with an inclination of the head inspire the production of a car with outstanding virtues. The Aston Martin DB2 stands worthy in the pedigree of real motor cars stretching back through the 4 ½ Bentley to the 30/98 Vauxhall.”

It’s a right hand drive of-course with the tachometer left of the steering wheel and the speedometer way over the on the passenger side. Who needs to know the exact speed when you know the gear and RPM you are at.  The prototype of the DB2 appeared as one of Aston Martins 1949 24 Hours of Le Mans entries. There were a total of 411 DB2 built and this one seems to be number 285 making it an early 1953 model.

It has a marvelous tube frame of which you get a glimpse bellow with the hood (or should I say bonnet) open and the straight six exposed which produced 125 HP (93 kW), giving it a top speed of 116.4 mph and acceleration from 0-60 mph of 11.2 second

I found this Aston Martin Sales brochure on Wikipedia and thought you’d be interested.


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I am an architect interested in creative ideas from divers sources. Through my professional practice, Studio Kiss, I work on commercial and residential projects. I am also the founder of ASAP•house a manufacturer of modern prefab houses.

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